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29th August 2012 Silver medal dedicated to the “150th Anniversary of the first bilateral Agreement San Marino-Italy”
The medal represents on the obverse in the border the inscription “150th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST BILATERAL AGREEMENT"
30th of August 2012 Postal Stationery “Christmas”
FRONT SIDE In the central part the oil painting “Virgin and Child” by Marco Ventura;
30th of August 2012 Extraordinary philatelic issue for the Emilian areas struck by Earthquake
“Reach your hand for a rebirth”. The stamp has been made with the decisive help of the Secretariat of State for Finance and was planned to give a concrete help to the Emilian people struck by the earthquake of last May.
26th May 2012 Joint issue with Italy of a celebrating stamped cover called 80th Anniversary of the opening of the electrict railway Rimini-San Marino
The railway was opened on the 12th June 1932 thanks to an agreement between San Marino and Italy. “Works started on the 3rd December 1928 with the laying of the foundation stone of San Marino