Brilliant uncirculated divisional coins set 2012

More than 1700 years of independence and freedom. Its origins date back to the illustrious legend of the Saint founder of the community and the Republic of San Marino, when Marino at the end of the third century took refuge on Mount Titano in order to flee with other Christians from the persecutions of Diocleziano. The Serenissima Republic of San Marino, situated in the Italian peninsula between Emilia-Romagna and Marches, is the third smallest State in Europe. Today it is fully part of the most important international Institutions like the United Nations and the Council of Europe and many world organizations for the defence of the Human Rights and Peace. About 60 square kilometers rising from the plain until the summit of Mount Titano, where the historical centre of the Republic is located, UNESCO inserted it in 2008 among the world humanity heritage, it can offer an unique and fascinating panorama to the visitors. The little capital city, San Marino, encloses a cultural, historical, architectonic inheritance of inestimable value. Corners of precious beauty, handicraft shops, artistic activities, world sport events and passion for the good food and the gastronomic art, welcome the tourist on his way. Issue date 22nd March 2012 Maximum mintage 40.000 complete sets Designs Frantisek Chochola (obverse) and Luc Luycs (reverse) Engravings Ettore Lorenzo Frapiccini Coinage I.P.Z.S. ROME Packaging Lada selling price € 25