Brilliant uncirculated divisional coins set 2012 with a 5,00 € silver coin - uncirculated – “Giovanni Pascoli”

Giovanni Agostino Placido Pascoli (San Mauro di Romagna, 31st December 1855 – Bologna, 6th April 1912). A century after the death of one of the most important exponent of the European literature who had a strong influence on Italian poetry, the Romagnol author dedicated to San Marino words that still sound golden and fresh. He wrote alcaic verses, belonging to his great Latin production, that he offered as praise and homage (Mons Titan – 1894), on occasion of the opening of the Government Building to which he had been invited with Giosuč Carducci. A few years later, he made there a speech in memory of the deceased Master Carducci. On the occasion of the unveiling of an herma of the Tuscan poet, he pronounced the oration “To the glory of Giosuč Carducci and Giuseppe Garibaldi”(Speech made in San Marino on the 30th of September 1907 in front of the Captains Regent) combining the poet of the third Italy and the Hero of the two worlds. His telegram of the time states: “After a long hesitation I accepted the invitation due to the love for the native region and the admiration for the Republic of San Marino, full of poetry in the severe history”. The poet proposes again a tribute to the small State in a fragment of a poem (“Romagna”, inside the collection “Myricae”) dedicated to the brotherly friend Severino Ferrari “…the country where the blue vision of San Marino come along with you”. The 5,00€ silver coin depicts on the obverse the State Coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino, taken from the wood engraving of the throne of the Sala del Consiglio (Government Hall of the Grand and General Council). Arched, the inscription “REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO”, in the centre “LIBERTA’ ”; below the artist’s name “V. DE SETA”. Issue date 22nd March 2012 Maximum mintage 40.000 complete sets Designs Frantisek Chochola (obverse) and Luc Luycs (reverse) Engravings Ettore Lorenzo Frapiccini Coinage I.P.Z.S. ROME Packaging Lada Selling price € 41,00 € 46,50 Shipping charges € 5,50 5,00 € silver coin: Silver coin value € 5,00 Silver 925/000 Legal weight gr. 18,00 Diameter mm. 32 Maximum mintage 40.000 complete sets Design Valerio De Seta Edge milled