Made in San Marino-Fifty years of Ceramica Faetano.

“Made in San Marino”. “Ceramica Faetano” puts together the handicraft and enterprise skills. Tradition, history, innovation and new technologies. An adventure that since half a century is a glory of the Republic of San Marino. With this souvenir-sheet starts a serie that wants to give space to the most important producers of San Marino. The stamp of 0,65€ wants to give pride to the history which ties this company to the state territory. The company was established in 1962 and today it is a worldwide known leader in its sector. Design and technic stay together with culture and historical research. One common goal that resisted and cleared periods of economic difficulties. The tribute is part of the will to give public acknowledgement to this company for its glorious past, tenacious present and good wish for a prosperous future. The production of the holding that leads Gruppo Del Conca is able to offer high quality tiles with controlled prices. Ceramica Faetano, a “brand” which mixes art with production skills, export, and identity rediscovery. Issue date 9th May 2012 Values A value of € 0,65 in sheets with 12 stamps and descriptive strip on the right Print run 90.000 sets Printing four-colour offset by OeSD Perforation 14x14 Stamp size 40x30 mm Design B&AR