Juventus Italian Champion 2011-2012

a symbolic and determinant element, the Bianconeri fans. A new home built around the sports venue that created a unique symbiosis between the supporters and the team led by Antonio Conte. It was he, the former Juventus midfielder from the 1990s, who ended up the great leader, the creator of the secret that led to discrediting the rosiest of forecasts for the 2011-2012 season. Passion, collective adhesion and affection for the colours were the ingredients of this championship. Unbeaten, committed, courageous, tactically perfect in their geometries, able to unite champions of the calibre of Buffon, Del Piero and Pirlo with younger new entries and brand new management and strategy staff. A marathon concluded against Cagliari at the neutral “Nereo Rocco” ground in Trieste, which began in Rimini with the first championship of the 2006-2007 tournament in the challenge league. An interminable cavalcade that bestows upon this championship a value that is even more emblematic and glorious. Officially 28 Italian championships won, but as the fans and managers love to repeat, they should be 30. On the stamp by artist Valerio Pradal, with which the Azienda Autonoma di Stato Filatelica e Numismatica of San Marino wished to celebrate the recently concluded championship, all these allusions appear symbolically. The pride, strength and style of an out-and-out star of the football world.Issue Date 29 May 2012, Values series of 1.00 Euro value in 12-stamp sheets with descriptive flap on the right side, Print run no. 300,000 series, Printing four colour offset by Cartor Security Printing, Perforations 13x13 , Stamp size 30x40mm, Drawing Valerio Pradal