30th of August 2012 Extraordinary philatelic issue for the Emilian areas struck by Earthquake

The issue – print run 150.000 sets – will be presented on the 30th of August and the net proceeds will be given for the rebuilding of the damaged area. “Let’s reach our hands, give new blood to Emilian lands”, so says the text for the stamp. A plant that grows near the tower of Finale Emilia and leaves like fingers reaching the sky with a rebuilding brick. This issue is born by an idea of the Direct of Azienda Autonoma Filatelia e Numismatica, Marino Manuzzi and the President Pier Orazio Pignatta. The aim is to create an union between philatelic art and solidarity. Rebuilding needs active men, generous hands and solidarity. Issue date 30th August 2012 Values a value of € 1,00 in mini-sheets with 8 stamps each Print run 150.000 serie Print Four-colour offset print by OeSD Perforation 14x14 Stamp size mm 40x30 Designer Fabio Ferrini