29th August 2012 Silver medal dedicated to the “150th Anniversary of the first bilateral Agreement San Marino-Italy”

at the bottom three crossed feathers. In the centre a medallion with the profiles of the high-necked figurations of the two Republics framed by laurel and oak, in the higher part the inscription “SAN MARINO – ITALIA”; in the lower part the name of the designer “M. Mazzali”. In the reverse in the centre the Government Palace with San Marino Statue of Liberty and Italian Republic Quirinal; underneath an open book which represents “The Agreement of friendship and neighbourly relations”; from the right and left side of the book depart two ribbons which remind the relative flags. In the higher part the inscription “1862 – 2012”. Issue date 29th August 2012 Maximum mintage 800 sets Metal fineness silver 925/000 patinated Diameter 40,00 mm Weight 50,00 gr Thickness 3,5 mm Minting House Gestione Picchiani & Barlacchi S.r.l. Designer Miriam Mazzali Selling price € 52,00