Joint issue 20th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between San Marino and Croatia.

Twenty years of diplomatic relations and cooperation. Between San Marino and Croatia has been established during the years a Good Friendship. To seal this friendship the Azienda Autonoma di Stato Filatelia e Numismatica di San Marino and Croatia decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations with a joint philatelic issue. The souvenir-sheet’s images chronicle the history of the two republics. Marino, a stone cutter from Arbe island , was the founder of the Republic of San Marino according to the legend and it is represented on the background of the 7,10 kune souvenir-sheet. Issue date Values Mintage Print Perforation Stamps sizes Souvenir-sheet sizes Designer 16th October 2012 Souvenir-sheet with 2 values of € 0,85 n. 55.000 souvenir-sheets Four colours offset print byZrinski 14x14 29,82 x 35,50 96,50 x 79,50 Ivana Vučić