Freedom Masters: Matteotti - Turati

“Freedom Masters”. Azienda Filatelica e Numismatica di San Marino resumes this theme with an artwork of Giovanni Giulianelli. Filippo Turati on one side and Giacomo Matteotti on the other, are the main elements of this issue completed by a short text by Renato di Nubila, professor by the university of Padua. The two Freedom master are symbolically joint by an envelope sealer representing a foreshortening of “ Il Quarto Stato” a painting by Giuseppe Pellizza from Volpedo. Turati and Matteotti still represent an example of rectitude and morals for the whole political world of these days. Issue date: 16th October 2012 Values: diptych of 2 values of € 1,74 and € 2.64 with envelope sealer Mintage: 70.000 diptychs Print: offset by Cartor Security Printing Perforation: 13 x13 Stamps sizes: 40x30 mm Envelope sealers size: 30x30 mm Designer: Giovanni Giulianelli