World wines

After Italian wines in 2005 and European wines in 2007, AASFN decided to close the triptych with this new philatelic issue. As in the previous issues, the designer Valerio Pradal took care of the souvenir-sheet and described the fine world wines through their labels. In this way one can fly above the oceans to the vineyard of California and Chile, the wine cellars of Canada and Virginia, to Australia, Argentina and South Africa. A way full of smells, desires and professionalism. A poetry of Pablo Neruda, “Oda al vino” is quoted in the side descriptive strip. Besides Dante, Hemingway and Molière to complete the ode for the world wines 2012. A souvenir-sheet able to make marketing, to offer culture and ancient passion. From the most ancient Republic in world to the big agricultural fields of the earth. All this in the magic of a stamp. Issue date: 16th October 2012 Values: a souvenir-sheet with 7 stamps of € 1,00 each Mintage: 70.000 numbered souvenir-sheets Print: four colours offset print by Cartor Security Printing with fluorescent security ink Perforation: 13 x 13 ¼ Stamp sizes: 30x40 mm Souvenir-sheet sizes:185x143 Designer: Valerio Pradal