Proof silver coin € 10,00 thousandth 2012 dedicated to the “100th Anniversary of the birth of Aligi Sassu”.

The Azienda Filatelica e Numismatica di San Marino wants to remember Aligi Sassu, born in Milan in 1912. He was one major representative of Italian and European art and he would have celebrated his centenary this year. A career dedicated to the research of beauty as a life space. From futurism to the drafting of paint manifesto in 1928 with Bruno Munari. Nonconformist, against the regime and the levelling caused by fashion, Aligi Sassu showed in a brilliant way the social status of man. Colours on one side and and sculpture on the other. Life and struggle are the main themes treated by Aligi Sassu which have been clearly expressed in his “Cavallo rampante” (rampant horse), a big bronze work given by the bank Cassa di Risparmio Sammarinese to the Republic of San Marino in 1985. The work was placed in “ex station” place. The horses express strength and restlessness which represent the right to life. The silver coin wants to pay homage to the beauty of this work. On the obverse the coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino by Antonella Napolione, on the reverse the bronze work “Rampant horse” by Aligi Sassu. On the right a portrait of the artist Aligi Sassu, in the bottom the name of the artwork designer “MOMONI”, the inscription “ALIGI SASSU” and the R of Italian Mint. - Issue date 24th September 2012 - value € 10,00 - Silver 925/000 - Weight gr. 22,00 - Diameter mm. 34,00 - Mintage 12.000 series - Designers Antonella Napolione/Claudia Momoni - Price € 40,00