2 Scudi uncirculated Goldcoin “100th Anniversary of the new bell tower of the St. Mark’s Basilica”

“The bell tower”. It should be described this way in architectural literature. We are talking about a symbol, of an element that is the distinctive sign of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice. The residents call it affectionately El paron de caxa (the master of the house). It’s 98,6 meters high, it stands up, alone, in a corner of St. Mark’s Square in front of the basilica. It was constructed for the first time in the 12th Century in place of a watchtower and it was rebuilt as it is today at the beginning of the ‘500 and it was added a bell tower cell with a copper coated cusp, it has on top a sort of circulating platform on which it is collocated the statue of Archangel Gabriel. In the ancient times this was used to indicate the wind direction. Today, of the five original bells, there is only one left, the bigger one. The other ones were destroyed in the collapse of 1902. The new bell tower was inaugurated on 25th April, 1912, during St. Mark’s feast. The inauguration of it has been celebrated with a philatelic issue made of 2 stamps (5 and 15 Lira cents). Today, after 100 years, the State Philatelic and Numismatic Office of San Marino wants to celebrate a venetian symbol with a 2 Scudi gold coin. The designer is Maria Angela Cassol. OBVERSE: the coin San Marino’s coat of arms encircled by the inscription “REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO”. In the lower part there is the artist’s name “A. NAPOLIONE”. REVERSE: San Marco bell tower of Venice, in the foreground architectural elements of San Marco square in Venice. On the left side the value “2 SCUDI” and the date “1912•2012”; on the right side “R”, vertically the designer’s name “CASSOL”; in the lower part the city name “VENEZIA”, at the base of the dotted composition the inscription “CAMPANILE DI SAN MARCO”. ”. EDGE: Milling. Issue date 14th November 2012 Value 2 Scudi Currency parity € 75,00 Metal FDC 900/000 Weight gr. 6,451 Diameter mm. 21,00 Maximum mintage 1.600 sets Design by Antonella Napolione/ Maria Angela Cassol Edge: continuous milling Price € 315,00