Cardiovascular diseases

AASFN issued a stamp dedicated to cardiovascular diseases in 1972; five years before it was successfully carried out the first heart transplant. Now AASFN, thanks to a suggestion of Carlo Augusto Dall’Olmo , doctor by Michigan Vascular Center, issues again a stamp about this theme. Since 1972 many things have changed but cardiovascular diseases still represent the first cause of death in industrial countries. Besides a high degree in surgery, also prevention is nowadays the best strategy to reduce heart diseases. Sport, healthy food and therapeutic treatments are the first aids to prevent heart attacks, ischemia and strokes. The designer Fabio Ferrini summarized all these ideas in a stamp. The heart is the main element of the stamp and it is therefore the only coloured image. The apple, symbol of health, a running man for physical activity and stethoscope to remind medical check-up. Without all these elements the heart risks to be shadowed. It is necessary to play a team game to fight against cardiovascular diseases. The philately of San Marino wants to underline again this concept issuing this new stamp.