800th Anniversary of donation of the territory of La Verna to San Francesco

On the 8th May 1213, by Palazzo Nardini in San Leo the Earl Orlando Cattani gave San Francesco the Mount La Verna as a present. The stamp designed by Antonella Napolione represents the donation. Nowadays in Nardini Palace there is a room dedicated to the that meeting. The room is a chapel; on the altar there is a painting by Ciro Pavisa which depicts the stigmatization miracle of San Francesco. On the 800th anniversary of this event, AASFN issues a souvenir-sheet which has a stamp of € 3,50 on the background of a Montefeltro map. On the right the coat of arms of San Marino and San Leo. Leone and Marino came in 257 from Dalmatia to evangelize. They escaped from religious persecution and took refuge in Monte Titano. The third coat of arms is of Chiusi della Verna, the mount which was donated to San Francesco. The city is twinned with Serravalle (in San Marino). Besides the Tau, symbol of conversion and property renounce.