Brilliant uncirculated divisional coins set 2013 “20th Anniversary of the death of Federico Fellini”

San Marino dedicates the brilliant uncirculated divisional coins set 2013 with a 5,00 € silver coin - uncirculated to Federico Fellini (Rimini, 20th January 1920 – Rome, 31st October 1993). He is one of the greatest movie directors of the world that showed Italy of his time as a dream full of emotions. Maria Carmela Colaneri designed the 5€ silver coin that depicts his oneiric vision. The obverse represents a movie camera and the portrait of Federico Fellini. His scarf turns into the Rex, the biggest Italian transatlantic which appeared in his movie called “Amarcord”. The ship is topped by the three Towers with the three feathers, symbol of the Republic of San Marino. The reverse shows a vignette by Fellini with a caricature of Giulietta Masina taken from the movie “La strada” and a film strip with the writing “Federico Fellini”.