Brass medal “Institution of the Republic: the Regency”

In the obverse the power handover in Council hall; the Regency pass its terms of office to the successors; to complete the image, two cups, a dog muzzle and the signature of the designer “Grilli”. In the reverse San Marino, founder and protector of the Republic, dressed in a stole with a writing "RELINQUO VOS LIBEROS". With his left hand he blesses, while with his right hand he holds the three towers. Above the Saint aureole a cartouche with the writing "Libertas" held by a putto. In the lower part, a putto holds a chisel. On the left the image of Glory with a hay crown in the hands, on the right the image of Strength with an oak crown. In the background the Mount Titano and the inscription “RES PUBLICA”; on the right side “SANCTI MARINI”, in the lower part the signature of the designer “Grilli”.