5,00€ silver coin in proof - “50th anniversary of John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s death”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The 22nd of November 2013 will be the 50th anniversary of his death. He represented a deep change for the American political world. His speeches tackled with the most important issues of his Country; he carried out a strong battle against poverty and hunger and struggled to extend civil rights to Afro-American citizens. He gave rise to a committed, responsible and progressive Country, a Country which was now aware to be the a leading force in the world. In the obverse of the coin the coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino encircled by the inscription “REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO”. Below the author’s name “A. NAPOLIONE”. In the reverse of the coin, in foreground a portrait of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in the background a piece of the American flag; on the left the years “1963 2013”; near the borders the inscriptions “ICH BIN BERLINER J. F. KENNEDY I AM A BERLINER ” and the letter “R” of the Italian Mint which took care of the mintage; in the lower part the value 5 EURO, on the left the author’s name “MOMONI”.