Fight against gender-based violence

The philatelic set dedicated to the fight against gender-based violence shows its four aspects: physical, psychological, economic and sexual violence. The designer chose emblematic images with a strong visual impact in order to arouse remarks in the observer. In the meanwhile she used vivid colours in order to play down the complex topic. The € 0.05 value represents the physical violence with a little girl who covers her eyes in front of a violent scene, of which she is witness or protagonist. The € 0.85 value shows the economic violence with a little boy who works breaking stones with a hammer, symbol of the exploitation of child labour in many underdeveloped countries. On the € 1.90 stamp the psychological violence is represented by an adult who forces a child to carry a weapon, symbol of children’s war indoctrination. The last stamp dedicated to the sexual violence depicts a woman who hides her vulnerability because of the shame and the pain she felt for being abused.