Joint issue San Marino - Italy 75th Anniversary of the Convention of Friendship and Good Neighbourhood between San Marino and Italy

On the 31st March 1939 Italy and San Marino stipulated the “Convention of Friendship and Good Neighbourhood”, formalizing the centuries-old relations between the two Countries characterized by a long tradition of exchanges and shared values. Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Italian Republic, will visit San Marino on June, 5th in order to celebrate the 75th Anniversary and to consolidate the bilateral relations. On the occasion the Philatelic Offices of both Countries decided to make a joint issue. The € 0.70 value designed by Antonella Napolione reminds the Convention and renews the friendly consolidation and the sympathetic collaboration between the two Republics. The stamp shows the flags of the two Countries above, the ivy and a porcupine, emblem of peace and friendship. The cartouche depicts the motto “longe et prope” which means that the heart of the true friend is always with the beloved person even if they are far away from each other. He is always ready to live and die in the name of friendship and this is the meaning of the motto. Design by Antonella Napolione and engraving by Michela Blasina, pupil of teacher Nadia Palazzi at Liceo Artistico “Scuola del Libro” in Urbino.