Castles of the Republic of San Marino

Ratified by the Great and General Council during the session of the 23rd October 2013, ”the European Charter of Local Self-Government” has come into effect since the 1st February 2014. The Republic of San Marino completed the way towards a greater improvement of the Giunte di Castello (Councils of Castles). Political, administrative and financial independence that corresponds to the functions of the nine administrative districts of San Marino named Castles. The souvenir sheet is made up of nine stamps which depict some symbolic elements of the nine Castles: the Government Building of San Marino, the bell tower and the cableway of Borgo Maggiore, the clock tower of Serravalle, the fountain of Acquaviva, the town hall of Chiesanuova, the Church of Domagnano, the Church of Faetano, the” Castellaccio” of Mount Seghizzo in Fiorentino and the bell tower of the Church of St Laurence in Montegiardino. The emblem of each Castle is the only coloured element in contrast with the black and white images.