2 Euro commemorative uncirculated coin “500th Anniversary of the death of Bramante Lazzari delle Penne di San Marino“ (1444-1514)

He planned the Basilic of Saint Peter and was considered inventor and light of the good and true architecture, as well as one of the most important figure of Renaissance. Many Countries claim to be his fatherland; this concept is also described on a statue of Bramante Lazzari located in San Marino. The statue is based on a drawing of Amos Lucchetti Gentiloni and was made by the sculptor Aldo Volpini. The statue brings a quotation according to which also the well-known writer Sabba Castiglione, contemporary of Bramante, confirms that Bramante was born in San Marino. Sabba Castiglione writes this idea in his book “Ricordi” (1582) . On the front side there is a bas-relief made by Sanzio Blasi which shows Bramante as he appears in a fresco of Raffaello. In the coin it is represented the face of Bramante and the temple of Saint Peter in Montorio built following a plan of Bramante in the convent of Saint Peter in Montorio (Rome).