10th Anniversary of the death of Saint John Paul II

Saint John Paul died at 9.37 pm of the 2nd April 2005: the whole world received at once the announcement of his death. Karol Wojtyla was an exceptional man that had a strong influence on the history of the 20th century and after the end of Nazism and Communism, when Europe could find again its unity and new wider borders. Ten years after his death, the exegesis of his pontificate is still complex, but his ability of involving the believers and all the peoples is still alive. He helped the Church to regain consciousness and to engross huge crowds worldwide. Lawrence Zeegen, illustrator, educator, writer and dean of the Faculty of Design at the London College of Communication designed a set made up of three values, inspired by the stained glass windows of the gothic cathedrals, in order to evoke, through an unconventional approach, all the extraordinary humanity of Saint John Paul II.