Programme for the philatelic issues and booking form 2016

Dear client, we publish the approximate programme for the philatelic issues 2016. The total value of the philatelic issues and postal stationeries will be around €52.00. This programme can be changed or completed. PHILATELIC PROGRAMME 2016 a) Europa “Ecology in Europe – Think Green” b) 75th anniversary of the birth of Little Tonyc) World Poetry Day d) 35th anniversary of the first female Captain Regent e) Italian fertility day f) Winner team of the Italian Soccer Championship 2015-2016g) International day of visual programming languages for childrenh) International Jazz Day i) Street art j) Online dating k) Joint issue with Maltal) Artificial intelligence m) Mr. Stampn) Christmas WE SUGGEST YOU THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF SUBSCRIPTION: A - STANDING ORDER You may open a Standing Order for the number of sets of each new issue which you wish to receive plus one First Day Cover, without shipping charges. You may have a Standing Order for different quantities of Soccer, Europa sets, souvenir sheets, booklets, postal stationeries, Christmas. In case of extra orders delivery cost will be € 9.40 THE MINIMUM DEPOSIT REQUESTED FOR 1 MINT SET + 1 F.D.C. IS EUR 104.00. B - DEPOSIT FOR THE PHILATELIC YEAR PACK 2016 This service guarantees that at the end of the year you will automatically receive the Annual Year Pack containing one mint set of all the philatelic issues of the year including the postal stationeriesIn case of extra orders delivery costs will be €9.40 THE DEPOSIT REQUESTED IS EUR 68.00 (including the price for the Year Pack and the postal charges). C - DEPOSIT WITHOUT STANDING ORDER A deposit in advance shall be sent for this service; you will receive the order form on the occasion of each issue, which you must fill in and return. Your balance on hand will appear on the order form so you will know when you need to send further funds. In case your balance is not enough to cover your order, you shall send us a new payment. The cost of the sets ordered plus the postal charges will be deducted from your deposit THE MINIMUM DEPOSIT REQUESTED FOR 1 SET OF EACH ISSUE IS EUR 90.00. D - NEW ISSUE SERVICE The Customers who choose not to open a deposit will receive an order form on the occasion of each new issue with all instructions regarding payment. Please send us your e-mail address, in order to speed up the communications: E - SERVICE Special cancellations album This service guarantees that at the end of the year you will automatically receive the Special cancellations album containing one of all the cancellations of the year THE DEPOSIT REQUESTED IS EUR 85.00 (including the price for the Album and the postal charges). The faulty goods will be replaced half-yearly. Please fill-in and send us this document by e-mail to or by fax at 0549.882363.If you have any questions our phone number is 0549.882365. Find attached the list of stamps in 2015 and 2014, of which we still have availability.