Cod. 629: 35th anniversary of the first female Captain Regent

Maria Lea Pedini was the first woman who held the high office of Captain Regent in 1981. Thirty-five years later Philatelic Office of San Marino celebrated this historic event with a stamp designed by Esploratori dello spazio. The philatelic issue pays homage to an institution that dates back to the age of the Italian city-states. The inaugural ceremony of the Captain Regents is held in San Marino every year, on the 1st of April and on the 1st of October. The high office lasts for 6 months. The € 2.55 value depicts a graphic revision of the portrait of the first female Captain Regent, based on a picture taken on the day of the inauguration which is represented on the strip on the sheet left side. Values : 1 value of € 2.55 in sheets of 12 stamps with a strip on the left hand side of the sheet Print run: 40,008 sets Printing: 4 colour offset, a Pantone and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing Perforation: 13 x 13 Stamp size: 30 x 40 mm Designer: Esploratori dello spazio