Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin sets 2016

The Hall of the Council of the Twelve, little representation chamber in the 15th century style inside the Government Building, contains one of the most famous images of Saint Marino blessing and holding Mount Titano in his hands. The painting, traditionally attribuited to Guercino, recently has been recognized as a work of his pupil and collaborator Bartolomeo Gennari (1594-1661). Since 2002 the 0.20€ coin has represented the famous portrait of the saint. Annually on the 3rd of September, day dedicated to the veneration of Saint Marino, the Feast of the foundation of the Republic is celebrated with a solemn ceremonial that takes place in the Basilica of the Saint and then in the Government Palace in the presence of the main civil and religious authorities and of a big attendance by the citizens. Today as in the past, on the occasion of the semestral nomination of the new Captains Regent, the members of the Great and General Council, before voting in the Hall of the Council, turn to the inspiration of the Saint and the Captains Regent invoke again the Saint during the solemn oath uttered during the investiture. Maximum mintage: 15,000 complete sets Designs: Frantisek Chochola (obverse) and Luc Luycx (reverse) Engravings: Ettore Lorenzo Frapiccini Coinage: I.P.Z.S. ROME Packaging: Lada  Selling price: € 26.00