2 Euro commemorative uncirculated coin dedicated to the “400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare”

“Hamlet”, “Othello”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Merchant of Venice”, “Macbeth” besides historical plays, poems and sonnets. His works titles are enough to give the profile of one of the most important plays writers and poets of Western culture: William Shakespeare. He moved himself between Middle Age and Renaissance and introduced a new theatre language which made of him the father of modern drama. UFN celebrates the 400th anniversary of his death by a 2 Euro commemorative coin. The artwork made by Matt Bonaccorsi shows the portrait of Shakespeare. Value: 2 Euro External part: copper-nickel Internal part in three layers: nickel-brass, nickel, nickel-brass Edge: fine milled with “*” and “2” repeated 6 times, alternately upright and inverted Weight: gr. 8.5 Diameter: mm. 25.75 Thickness: mm. 2.20 Designer (obverse): Matt Bonaccorsi Highest Mintage: 80.000 sets Selling price: €16.00